Why Are Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Famous Among Fashionable Women?

India is a blessed land of fashion and culture and together these elements create wonders. From traditional Bhagalpuri sarees to Indowestern dresses, Indian women have the privilege to flaunt both types of the trend. Be it western or Indian fashion, Indian women rock every tinge of her avatar in the best ways.

But today, we are going to discuss the blending of Bhagalpuri fabric in the likeness of women wardrobe. The richness which allure the love of traditional women from the vintage era and its unique designs and patterns that have attracted the contemporary mass as well, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are now loved by the foreign women too. There are so many reasons for them being admired by everyone. They are easy to carry and there is no scope of colours that hasn’t been used in this type of sarees.

Here is an elaborate explanation of why Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are famous among the fashion forward women of the 21st century.

There is a wide world of offline and online shopping markets which house a lot of new and trendy designs of Bhagalpuri silk sarees. Check out some serious fashion trends and reasons behind Bhagalpuri being famous:

Other Fabric Blending With Bhagalpuri – 

Not just Bhagalpuri but you can find a prolific number of Bhagalpuri sarees that come with the blending of other fabrics as well such as khadi and cotton. To bring more elan and comfort to the wearer, there are blended together. Sometimes the amalgamation of two materials makes the dying and designing easier. To enhance the shelf life and beauty of the fabrics, two or more fabric blending look like a premium solution for all.

Different Names At Different Places – 

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are profoundly known as Tussar Silk Sarees and are quite famous in Bhagalpur. The name of the saree, Bhagalpuri comes from the dying style that has been adapted from the area of Bhagalpur, Bihar. From one of the most dedicated states in India and design patterns.

The state, Bhagalpur in Bihar is situated near the Southern bank of Indian Holy river, Ganga. This town holds many memorable stances from the page’s History and has significant importance. The art of Bahaglpuri silk had come to the town with highly skilled weavers. They sought this kind of weaving with a very special type of technique of dying sarees that give them a mesmerizing look.

International Recognition – 

The critically acclaimed places for Fashion like London and Paris has also become the victim of the popularity of the Bhagalpuri Silk fabric. Not just limited to sarees, but this type of silk sarees with unique dying style pattern has become famous among the contemporary women as well.

From corporate women to college girls and homemakers, all love to wear this traditional yet modern silk saree. Easy to carry and very comfortable to wear, it promotes saree wearing among the new generation of women as well.

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