Which Items Of Clothing Are Suitable For Sporting Activities At School

Shopping online for school uniforms requires you to purchase a range of different clothes that your child will wear at different times. These clothes fall into a couple of separate categories.

  • Clothes that the child is going to wear for lessons such as science, maths and history.
  • Clothes that your child is going to wear when they are performing sporting activities.

Lots of websites offer quality sporting clothes that are going to last for a long time and are going to be durable. Which items of clothes are needed for physical education lessons?

1) Polo Shirts

2) T-Shirts

3) Rugby Shirts

4) Fleeces

You can weigh up the advantages of different items of school sports clothing that you are researching online.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts sold by school uniform providers are useful because they are extremely durable. Many physical education lessons take place outside, so the polo shirts need to be able to resist the wind and the rain. Then your child is going to be able to concentrate on their lesson without feeling the effects of the elements.


T-shirts are another essential piece of clothing that your child is going to need when they are performing physical education. You can buy a wide range of styles online which are going to allow your child to be completely comfortable. The t-shirts need to be made of breathable material so that your child is not going to sweat too much.


The shorts that you buy online need to give your child a large amount of movement and they need to be comfortable around the waist. Elasticated shorts are preferable to ones which need to be held up by a belt.

Rugby Shirts

Rugby shirts are durable enough that they can be worn for a wide variety of different sports. They must be the right size, so check carefully on the websites that you are using. Rugby is a muddy game, so buy several rugby shirts in order for your child to always have a clean one which they are able to wear for their physical education lessons.


Fleeces are useful for physical education lessons which take place in the coldest months. These fleeces are designed to trap layers of air next to your child’s body. Look for a website which offers the thickest fleeces for a very good price.


Girls will need to wear skirts for some sporting activities to make sure that they are comfortable and can move with absolute freedom. You should check that the skirts are the right size for your daughter to wear. You also need to make sure that the length of the skirt is suitable for the school guidelines.


Sporting activities require a specific set of clothes to be worn by your child. You can find quality sporting clothes all in one place by finding a good website. Check the size of clothes before you purchase them.

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