Top Bag Styles for Men

Men have things to carry too! Ok, so they might not have the hoarder tendencies that most women do, it’s unlikely that they will be carrying the necessities for any eventuality, but they still have stuff. The societal changes in the past couple of decades have facilitated an evolution in men’s fashion. No longer do they have to try and stuff everything they need in their back pocket, or carry around a hard and stuffy looking briefcase, they can now experience the pleasure of a beautifully designed bag in the same way that women do. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing or how to choose the right one. To help you in your quest, here are some top men’s bag styles.


The backpack is the traditional man’s bag, however previous conceptions of this design were heavily focused in the sports and outdoor activities sector, meaning that this kind of bag didn’t really fit in on a day to day basis. In the past couple of years, the backpack has made a dramatic return to the catwalk for both women and men. These new styles including leather finishes, square shapes and satchel like fastenings mean that there is definitely a backpack for any occasion, and yes they can even look good with a suit!

Messenger Bags

Always a safe alternative the backpack the messenger bag is a great option for the more distinguished man who isn’t quite ready to dive head first into the fashion world. The overall design of this bag is incredibly practical with its front buckle fastening and cross body strap. The standard size is large enough for any man to carry all that they need, and most will even accommodate a small laptop or netbook. New styles can be very extravagant and unique however the messenger bag will always be a classic look.

The Folios

This is essentially the man’s version of a clutch bag. A sleek leather folio is the best way for a man to show off his sophisticated style. It’s the perfect addition for a high flying businessman and can easily accommodate a smartphone, ipad and wallet, yet it can also add a trendy effect to the dressed down media mogul spending his mornings in Starbucks. The one downside to this style of bag is that it can only really accommodate flat items, filling it with bulky junk will completely destroy the smooth lines and sleek shape.

Laptop Bags

Carrying your laptop around in a boring black box really is not the only option now. The leather sling bag, is the perfect stylish laptop bag. It’s practical, comfortable and also bang on trend. The benefit to choosing a leather sling bag over a traditional laptop bag is that, you have so many more options regarding patterns colours and styles. However, this may not be the best choice for the corporate business man. This bag really needs a young creative to bring out the best of it.


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