Tattoo Healthy Tips: What you need to know about tattoo aftercare

From a minuscule finger tattoo to wide-scaled sleeve tattoos, a tattoo is not just a form of body art but it is also a form of medical procedure that makes your skin vulnerable to scarring and infections. In our modern society, tattoos have now been accepted little by little, even making its way into the fashion world. However one should know that proper care should be taken seriously after having a tattoo.

Got a new tattoo? Well, your tattoo artist may already have told you a couple of instructions on what to do for your newly inked skin but if you’re not really sure what to do then here are some tips to have a healthy inked skin.

Clean Thoroughly and Properly

Dr. Marchbein, a reputed dermatologist has strongly suggested the necessity of cleaning the tattoos regularly since having a tattoo is basically having fresh wounds that would invite various skin infections due to its thousands of microscopic holes in the skin in order to deposit the tattoo pigment.

Properly clean your tattoo by making sure that your hands are clean first before washing it with a gentle unscented liquid soap. Also, make sure to clean your tattoo with lukewarm water after removing the bandage and applying a thin layer of your preferred tattoo ointment.

Have Proper Aftercare Products

Tattoo aftercare products are mainly antibacterial soap, good ointment, and a non-scented lotion. By having these products, your skin’s healing is ensured. Just like how one has a skincare routine, tattoos also needs to have this type of regimen which is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring your tattoo heals properly. Also, remember to only get the proper products from a reputable supplier.

Wear Loose Clothing

Since your inked skin will be sensitive while it is healing, it is best to wear loose clothing to avoid skin’s irritation. By wearing loose clothing, you can ensure that your tattoo heals great by not wearing constricting clothing that may rub or irritate the new tattoo. This is also done to avoid having a patchy tattoo which would make it lose its color when your tattoo starts to peel, a sign that your tattoo is healing.

Clean and Moisturize as needed

After having a tattoo, your skin’s health might deteriorate since it might dry your skin out. Keep it moisturized all the time by applying a thin layer of Vitamin A&D ointment which should keep your skin from drying out. Apply on your inked skin every two hours for the first three days and do it three or four times a day from when the skin healed to its fourteenth day. 

No to Sun Exposure

Sun exposure means harmful UV rays which, of course, will harm your tattoo and skin. Sunscreen might be the ultimate skincare tip for a healthy skin since it protects you from harmful UV rays from the sun which easily penetrate the skin’s layers and can really cause a lot of damage which might turn into a mess. Take note, sunscreens should only be put on the tattoo site if it is fully healed.


Having a tattoo isn’t all just about styles—it should be planned ahead of time and be considered carefully, to avoid future possibility of infections especially if you have certain allergies or skin issues beforehand. It is also important to take the aftercare seriously to avoid possible skin infections or issues.

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