Pearl Fashion and Trends Continue to Evolve Following the Needs of Consumers

Pearls are considered by many to be the type of jewelry older women where, but truth is, even with fashions and trends continually evolving and changing, you can find pearls and other classic gems and jewelry settings to take up prime real estate in just about any woman’s jewelry box. Earrings in particular are incredibly popular, since they are versatile, eye-catching, and easy to wear with just about any outfit. The right pair of earrings can complete an outfit, complement a woman’s facial structure, and enhance her best features — eyes and lips. Plus, for many women, earrings are just plain fun to wear.

If you’re considering giving a gift to your special lady, consider the gift of pearl earrings. Pearls are both beautiful and classy, and they can be worn with many different outfits, and are appropriate for just about any occasion. From a simple strand of pearls paired with a brown pants-suit, to a larger strand of pearls mixed with other gems that’s paired with a stunning dress, there is no wrong way to wear pearls.

If you’re considering giving the gift of earrings from National Pearl or another jewelry company, know that there are many choices to choose from: studs, in which pearls are mounted directly onto a post and don’t dangle; dangle earrings, which feature multiple pearls on a hoop of some sort; and drop earrings, which often feature pearls and precious gems mixed together on hoops or strong nylon or metal strands. Consider your woman’s preferences for jewelry, if you know them, when choosing. But if you’re not sure, you can’t go wrong with the classical pair of stud earrings – go for white pearls if she likes to look neutral, or black pearls if she prefers a more modern, eye-catching look.

You’ll also want to pick from the pearls themselves! As mentioned, white and black pearls are the most common types found, but you should know that individual pearls can have colored undertones that may change in different types of lighting. From white to off-white, black to a dark gray, you can find pearls that literally showcase the rainbow when it comes to colors and hues.


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