New ‘jean’ious trends for women

Did you think jeans are jeans are jeans? Think again – there are new styles you may be missing out on!

Jeans have been a staple in many a wardrobe around the world, be it men or women. Their low maintenance, high style element makes them wildly popular amongst all. Whether you prefer other kinds of pants or not, you will always make a beeline for a snappy pair of jeans.

Ladies jeans have evolved a lot over the years. From being straight and slightly baggy, today they feature fully fitted styles or slim fits. Even their length may differ as per the season’s trends. But are you still wearing last year’s jeans? Get shopping on your favourite shopping app for the best new styles in ladies jeans:

* Ankle length skinny fit. Skinny is in – no, we’re not talking about skinny body frames. All we’re saying is that skinny fits are in when it comes to ladies’ jeans. And you should be getting on the skinny bandwagon, and never mind if you’re not skinny or not. Make sure you pick a pair that does not exceed your ankles in length. Show them off to their full advantage with a cropped top and ankle length boots. Finish with a purse slung on your shoulder.

* White and fitted. White ladies jeans are a little tricky to pull off at the best of times, but the summer season is all about celebrating white. So get yourself a pair of hot white pants and celebrate the season with aplomb. You can pair any colour of top with it, but white tends to make your lower body look a little heavier, so you might be a little circumspect about the top length. For instance, if your hips are a little wide, you should wear kurtis that skim your hips. Or if you have narrow hips, a top ruched at the waist will look better.

* Cropped and stretchable. Cropped ladies jeans are totally in this season, and it’s a grungy but gorgeous trend we can totally get on board with. There’s something exotic about a woman who can rock a pair of cropped jeans, whether the cropping happens at the ankles or the calves. The slightly frayed ends give the wearer a fashionable edge. Pair with a tank top and a chunky belt, or finish with a tunic cinched at the waist and high heeled boots.

* Regular fit midrise. The midrise ladies jeans is always a go-to option when you’re looking to dress up casually or in a hurry (or both). This is the most relaxed fit for jeans, and it goes well with any type of Western top or kurta. Besides, its fit leaves ample scope for wearing the footwear of your choice, from flip flops to jooties, and everything in between.

Which style do you like the most? We recommend getting one pair in each, just to be really trendy this season!

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