More men choose bamboo activewear – Combining style with comfort

As bamboo has entered the textile industry and has created enough buzz with its multiple benefits, consumers have started growing eager to know about the different items which are now being made from bamboo. Once you enter the clothing market, you will come across a fantastic range of clothing, ranging from pyjamas to socks, from leggings to singlet, from shorts to boxers to long sleeve activewear and many more. Bamboo clothing can combine both style and convenience in a proper way.

Are you among the men who have still not tried using bamboo clothes? If answered yes, you’re someone who is lagging behind and it’s high time you spruce up your wardrobe with the best bamboo activewear and clothing that you get in the market. Here are few reasons why they’re the best choice.

Reason #1: Bamboo clothes are breathable

Bamboo clothes are usually compared to cotton and they offer a different standard of comfort. The pliable and soft fabric is even moisture wicking and it can absorb moisture thereby making it an ideal choice for men who wear active wear too often. For men who are into workouts and exercises, bamboo fabrics are the best as they allow you to breathe. It will keep you from being drenched in sweat and will let your skin breathe.

Reason #2: Protects you from sun

One more thing that makes bamboo fabric special is that they have a natural UV protection which lets thermal control and provides you comfort even during the midday when the sun is strong. With 95% protection from the ultra-violet rays of the sun and with a 94% block from UVB, bamboo clothing is resistant and will also help you make sure you’re staying cool enough even when you’re sweating.

Reason #3: Prevents odor from spreading

Active men will definitely sweat a lot and if they don’t take any step to control the sweat, this will spread the odour and it gives a nasty feeling. One of the best things about bamboo fabric is that the bacteria doesn’t live within the bamboo fabric as there is something called ‘bamboo kun’ which is a substance that prevents the bacteria from entering bamboo. Bamboo, hence, is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. This is another reason behind choosing bamboo activewear.

Reason #4: Bamboo fabrics are sustainable

Bamboo is a plant which reaches maturity sooner than other trees, around 4 years. Due to the deep root system, they can grow till 4 feet in a single day. Hence, there is no need to use fertilizers in order to make the tree grow. As against cotton and timber, the results of bamboo can’t be denied as they’re exceptionally good. Due to the fact that they thrive with little water, this makes them more sustainable as compared to other trees.

So, if you’re a man who is looking for something sustainable, useful and comfortable in terms of activewear, you may choose bamboo clothing in order to reap the above listed benefits.

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