Men Are Down With Utility Kilts More Than You Realize

If you’ve never heard of a utility kilt, then it’s time you tried one. Not to confuse them with skirts for men, utility kilts are a major upgrade from traditional men’s kilts. They’re completely practical, comfortable, and stylish. It’s the full package that could even replace your jeans, and men aren’t hesitating to wear them anymore.

Before you begin assuming this kilt surge is only happening in the rolling hills of the Highlands, think again. We’re not talking about how moreScotsmen are including the cottish kilt into their regular wardrobe.These are American men from the east to west coast that are wearing utility kilts for pretty much everything because they’re that practical, seriously.

Whether it’s another day at the office or repainting your house, the utility kilt is being used as interchangeably as jeans now. Why? One of the most obvious reasonsis the additional cargo pockets placed around the pleated skirt.

Normally, traditional-style kilts for men don’t include pockets because they’re worn with a sporran, a leather pouch. It’s a much more formal way of dressing that comes with extra accessories, like the way you’d add ties and cufflinks to a tuxedo.

With cargo pockets to hold your belongings, the utility kilt makes it easy for any guy in any occupation to wear them. Remember that viral video of those sexy, bearded men in kilts doing yoga? Yeah, that could be you. There are even blue-collar workers that prefer utility kilts because they’re easier to move around in than stiff denim. Maybe this will finally end plumber’s crack too…

On top of functionality, the utility kilt is incredibly comfortable. It’s borderline life-changing comfort. There aren’t really enough words to describe every first-timer’s reaction in a kilt. It’s kind of like trying a new mattress or a new favorite food. You just need to try it in order to fully experience it. All we’re saying is it’s very liberating. You might even get addicted to the feeling.

Plus, don’t forget how stylish you’ll look in a modern kilt. Any in-the-know guy that keeps up with men’s fashion is already wearing the utility kilt the way designers are styling them on the runway.Some guys wear them with leather jackets. Others are going more athleisure with high tops.When it comes to kilt fashion rules, they’re really are none. Just have fun with it.

Are you intrigued yet? Are you dying to trade your pants for a utility kilt? We know where you can actually find the coolest mens kilts for sale, and you don’t need travel to the home of the Loch Ness monster to buy one.

Although there are a number of men’s clothing websites with USA kilts for sale, most of them are either traditional or basic. is really the only men’s streetwear store with trendy kilts for sale, exclusively online only. From the athletic sport kilt to the military tactical kilt, Differio has an on-trend variety of kilts for men. They have both high-end and cheap kilts for men, so you can also find the perfect utility kilt based on your budget.

Whether you’re set on finding a new clothing style for its comfort value or style, mens kilts are definitely worth a shot. It’s the triple threat of fashion that we’re betting will stick around longer than you think.

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