How to dress to perfection for prom!

PROM! It’s probably one of the most awaited events in the school life of a youngster. The two things that matter the most during prom are, whom to go with? And what to wear? While there is nothing we can do to help you on the first one, for the latter, you can certainly count on our tips.

Dressing up for prom can be a super fun and exciting experience but it also requires a big deal of planning. Choosing the perfect dress that you’re comfortable and feel confident in, expresses your individuality as well, is very important. Here we’ve got you some ideas on what to wear to prom.

1. Madame en-Rose set:

This is a dress that incorporates classic and current prom trends into one.  The feminine fabric is the distinct quality that makes this prom dress feel like one of a kind. Also, the on-point use of colours, putting the focus on certain sections of the dress with a modern twist. With a trendy mashup of old and new styles, this piece issomething totally fresh and captivating. The ivory slip dress is a fashion-forward way to exaggerate your hourglass figure.

Accessorize with vintage gloves and statement heels, that complement the style and colour of your outfit, to make the look.

2. Second look

Prints are just as relevant for prom dresses, for they put individuality on the forefront. Floral patterns stun in bright shades, for an aggressively gorgeous contrast.

With a gorgeously stunning floral pattern and the princessy silhouette, this piece brings your prom dress dreams to reality. It tends to elicit an air of elegance with just one fabric choice, subtle and modest details. The pearls around the waist compliments the dress and adds a soft touch to it.

Bring your look together by throwing on a pretty choker or a nice pair of vintage gloves. Finish it off with statement heels.

3. Elizabeth Rose Gold Satin and Pearl dress:

Satin dresses, a classic Victorian style that is timeless. Although, this statement piece takes it to the next level by adding a fashionable and modern touch to the ultimate classic. The single sleeve makes for a truly exciting fashion statement and the pearl embellishments add a layer of excitement to the outfit.

Take your outfit to the next level by choosing accessories such as floral chokers, vintage gloves, corsage, and statement heels that compliment rather than compete with your clothes.

Here’s the thing – prom is something quite special for most of us and the dress we wear is a huge part of it. So before choosing a dress, consider how flattering the dress looks, how comfortable it feels, and how the dress makes you feel. Pick the dress that makes you feel your best. Try to avoid wearing too much distracting jewellery, choose a statement piece. Even the smallest fashion detail matters for nailing the look, right?

So, pick an outfit that you’d look back and be happy for.

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