Gold dresses are visually striking: wear them confidently

Whether you have to attend a cocktail party, a formal event or prom, a gold dress represents the safest choice in terms of outfit. It is glamorous, elegant, sexy and visually striking. Undoubtedly, it will help you captivate everyone’s attention throughout the evening. However, in order to wear such a color with confidence, you have to know how to accessorize it properly. You might think that since the color is extremely sparkly on its own, you should stick with neutral shades in terms of shoes, jewelry and other accessories, but the reality is that you are terribly mistaken. Would you ever consider combining army green with gold? The answer is probably “no”, but you are missing a great chance to make a fashion statement and show the world that you master the art of matching unique colors. In fact, you can look at the most stylish outfits worn by celebrities over the year on the red carpet, focusing mostly on dresses; more precisely, gold dresses. From sleeveless sequin mini dresses to gold and pink chiffon dresses, you will definitely find numerous accessorizing ideas.

How to choose the right gold dress for your body

Gold dresses are sophisticated, but they do not have to be complicated as well. Indeed, when it comes to length, material, texture and print, the large number of options available out there overwhelm you, not to mention about possible combinations that you have the possibility to try when adding various accessories. However, you do need to ask yourself “do I have the ideal body shape so that I can experiment with all these options?” The truth is that not all women across the globe have the advantage of looking perfect in every dress. Therefore, you should probably pay close attention to factors like cleavage, sleeves and shape. For instance, if you do not like showing your back, then you should avoid backless gold dresses. Furthermore, you do not have to stick to one-color dresses. A black and gold sequin dress or a rose gold long formal gown might flatter your body more than you think so it would be a shame to deprive it of such beauty.

Colors that go perfectly with a gold dress

If you recently bought a gold sparkly dress for an upcoming event and you do not know what type of shoes you should add in order to create the perfect outfit, do not panic because we have the solution for you. Even though you probably used gold shoes in the past to accessorize black and red clothing items, now you are suing gold as a primary color so you can just switch roles and use red or black as complementary colors. Fortunately, the options do not end here because you can also add white, silver and nude to a gold dress. If you dress already has insertions of white, for instance, then including a pair of elegant white heels represents the most logical step. You can apply the same colors for shoes to the clutch or jewelry. You can make any combinations you want, as long as you opt for the colors mentioned above.

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