E-cigarettes – Are they safer than the traditional tobacco cigarettes?


E-cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are being promoted as a safe new alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. But is it true that e-cigarettes are actually safe? Did you ever wonder what the FDA thinks of it? Will electronic cigarettes help in reversing the decline in smoking and give you a new habit of quitting smoking? Before you choose an e-cigarette, here’s what you should know about its effects.

E-cigarettes – What are they?

E-cigarettes are devices that are operated by batteries which are shaped like traditional cigarettes and which offer a nice way of getting nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive drug and it is found naturally in tobacco. The most common way in which people take in nicotine is by inhaling it or by smoking it through cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes even allow nicotine to be inhaled but they usually work by heating the cartridge which comprises of nicotine, chemicals and other flavors. Due to the fact that electronic cigarettes heat the liquid rather than the tobacco, this is considered as something smokeless.

Are electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes?

The main difference between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes is that the former don’t have tobacco while the latter doesn’t. However, as per researches, tobacco that is found in cigarettes is the sole reason to cause cancer. Conventional cigarettes contain a huge list of chemicals which are proved harmful and electronic cigarettes have some such chemicals. Since the year 2009, FDA has revealed that e-cigarettes comprise detectable levels of toxic chemicals, carcinogens to which the users are exposed.

There was one study which took a look at 42 liquid cartridges and decided that the cartridges comprised of formaldehyde which is a chemical that causes cancer among human beings. The reaction of the body to most of the chemicals in conventional cigarettes causes inflammation that is long-lasting and this leads to diseases like emphysema, bronchitis and heart disease. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes contain some of these toxic chemicals, there isn’t any reason to believe that they can considerably diminish the risks of incurring such diseases.

How much is it necessary to go through reviews?

Yes, when you’re buying an e-cigarette for the first time, you should always go through the customer reviews so that you can get to know the pros and cons of the products. There are many forums and websites where the customers post about the best opinions on electronic cigarettes. You can check out https://www.e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk/ for the best reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about whether or not the electronic cigarettes are safer alternatives to smoking, you can take into account the above mentioned points.

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