Best way to combine black prom dresses and accessories

There is no more fundamental, formal and sensual garment than the black prom dress. It has become a timeless dress because season after season it continues to reign on every catwalk that appears. Giving it an essential status. But wearing it does not always mean looking great. You have to know how to combine Jovani black prom dresses correctly and get the most out of it. Here we present several ideas to achieve exciting and different looks.

Succeed in combining

The first step is to have this garment in the closet because apart from refining any figure, it is apt to combine it with any element if you know how to do it. It also gives you in an elegant look at any event you attend. There is no losing with the acquisition of one black dress.

But to get it to combine with everything will depend on how simple the dress is, we recommend buying one of a sober cloth and cut. So you can achieve thousands of combinations because all the accessories are going to settle very well.

The princess cut and the empire cut goes very well with this color. We do not recommend using glitter, tulle, or lace. Because trying to combine it with another accessory would become more complicated.

Every object that you implement to the dress must create a good set. Do not increase things to your look by pure, try to make sense of everything and that is necessary. You have to see yourself and feel good with everything you wear.

The shoes

If you have chosen the color black it is because you want an elegant image, but sober. You do not seek to attract attention, but to make yourself noticed. And to achieve it depends a lot on the shoe you use. Some closed shoes with thin heels can give you the formal touch you want in the dress.

The positive side of the black prom dresses, being simple and of a basic color, is that they allow you to play with your look. But do not fall into informality, these dresses can be worn with boots, but you should not. Well, the event you attend has a dress code that must be respected. Your best option is high-heels.

Different accessories

Do not overload your look, if you have chosen a simple black dress; it is not for you to fill it with accessories, use only the just and necessary ones. It is advisable to opt for a pearl necklace, bright earrings or colorful bracelets, but do not try to use them all at once.

If you choose the necklace, you can select a ring of the same color or tone. Build your style based on balance. Use the accessories wisely, to complement your outfit achieving a fantastic look.

When you wear black dresses, silver accessories manage to stand out, and they remain very elegant without arriving at the excess of formality.

Another color that takes wonder with black is red and its other tonalities. The red of this winning combination can be captured in the shoes, the handbag, or in a pouch or cape worn over the shoulders. Do not forget that the choice of the bag is linked to the shoes.

Do not be afraid to take a risk and try to give your look a fun touch. If you choose a sober tone, you will be able to combine everything from simple handbag in basic and elegant tones to a multitude of colors to give a lot more life to styling. You must remember the rule of always reserve the largest bags for the day while the small and flirty, clutch style, is better to use at night.

Hair accessories

It is a daring option to wear an ornament on the head if you wear a black dress. You will not overwhelm anyone’s eyes by wearing a colorful ornament on your hair when you dress in plain black. You can use a headband, and choose the same black color if you are looking for an elegant look. Or a bright or different tone if you want to highlight. Using them will bring life to the upper body and balance the whole.

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