Are you in search of a perfect engagement ring?

Are you confused about how to select a perfect pretty ring for you fiance then you no more have to worry about  we are here to guide you up and get the best one for your better half. We completely understand the empathy and affection you have for her and you are all baffled and also excited about it isn’t ?

Yes For sure ! Selecting a ring is a difficult proposition.

And  you are looking for something unique, special and attractive in the ring so that it allures her and of course it should be the best one because it is the symbol of love and bond which you both are going to have in near future. So that’s something being tough for you to get but we assure you that this article will end up with a worth result and satisfaction for you.

Ring, whats that?

A jewel worn in fingers made up of metal and adorned with gems and stones.

You don’t really need to be an expert while selecting a ring but just few things are to be kept in mind so that you get the thing which you actually want and with no complaints of customer satisfaction. So here are few things you need to know about a ring and get answer to the questions follow under categories below:

Plain metal ring or adorned with gemstones

  • Style :

The ring should be colorful?, Austere? ,Traditional?, Vibrant/understated?

  • Bands (metal):

Band holds the gems adorned in place which band you choose to get silver ,gold ,platinum or some other metal?

When it comes of selecting the metal which you want your ring to be of.  There are many metals but the best ones are gold, silver and platinum.

  • Gold : The yellow gold the most common one. If carats are decreased the yellowness gets low.
  • White gold: Gold with rhodium which appears silver in shade.
  • Platinum : The most optimal one because it’s hard strong and durable.
  • Silver : Less expensive whitish in texture
  • Color (gemstone selection)

Color selection here means you need to know which color gem does she like a diamond , an emerald, a ruby , a sapphire or something else?

Gemstones ! that’s something that will make the ring times beautiful and attractive. So decide it properly. And it’s about a ring for engagement then nothing is better than preferring a diamond . They are precious , special and beautiful and not just by appearance it has what makes it optimum but also its durability diamonds are forever and that’s what best benefit of selecting a diamond “its durability”.

 Now when we talk about selecting and buying a diamond a thing you need to know is that 4 Cs. 4 Cs here depicts Cut,Colour,Carat and Clarity.

Let’s discuss them one by one

  • Colour:

Diamonds itself has a wide range of colours but the ones which are prominently opted and known are white diamonds which are colourless and shines its brilliance out the high quality of the diamond is recognised by this factor only that it is colourless if its somewhat whitish or yellowish in appearance than that’s a D grade diamond you need to be aware of this.

  • Clarity of diamond

Clarity is measured by the size of the diamond and number of the diamond. The inclusions are also to be checked by seeing that a good brilliance is possessed  by the diamond  because inclusions are in its structure so you cannot see it by naked eyes into that small diamond piece.

  • Carat of diamond

This refers to the weight of the diamond. The more the weight of the diamond the more will be its cost .

  • Cuts of a diamond

That’s the important factor you need to check cuts have great importance because it unleashes the light of the diamond the more the cuts the more brilliance to be observed.

  • SIZE of the ring

Now just get a proper size which fits in her finger with comfort and ease.

And when get to see and have satisfaction with metals, stones, size and style now what you need to do is to choose the design that would entice you and will also entice your girl.

So, all set !

You are done with a very big task and we are sure the selection you made will be loved and appreciated by her.

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