Apparel in a New Light

Pause on the word apparel for a moment. What do you take it to be? We often shop online for apparel, gaze at shops alit with them or rummage through our wardrobes for apparel appropriate for a night out.

So What Defines Apparel

Hence, apparel has over time become synonymous with our clothing. Go to any apparel tab on a website, and in the vast majority of cases it will list three categories – women, men and children. Fairly appropriate, however, it is interesting to note how gradually the term apparel is being extended to apply elsewhere as well. Not a highly prominent trend as of now, but nonetheless an engaging one while at that. This precisely, is the trend of apparel for cushions. So while your favorite store’s website may not list cushions as a relevant category under the heading of apparel, head instead to a home decor site and you will find more and more references to apparel.

Delving Into the Trend of Cushion Apparel

Just like one click on the apparel title leads you into an extensive classification that usually proceeds as follows: outerwear, dresses, tops, beachwear and more. The same follows for cushion apparel. Categories range from outdoor to lounge to patio and what not. Let us focus on outdoor cushions and their apparel.  You may wonder, really how much variation and variety may there exist when it comes to cushion apparel, and well, you would be surprised to find out quite how much.

For apparel, in this category is both handmade and factory made, implying almost twice the variety. You can pick up cushion apparel for your custom outdoor cushions for instance based on what colors you want, what sizes you feel look best and what shape you feel does the most justice to your outdoor setting’s outlook. To give a delicate and ornate look to your cushions and the outdoor setting that they embody, go for satin fabric in light and soft colors. Meanwhile, if you wish to give a bright and lively look instead, pick bright colors with cotton fabric. You can then shift from experimenting with colors and materials to experimenting with patterns and designs.

The category of cushion apparel becomes extensively lively when it comes to patterns and designs, because there is always bound to be something to suit your tastes. Be it Chinese block work, Indian sewing or British patterns, you are thus bound to find something that will add that perfect touch to your outdoors.

Thus, next time you think of apparel, think broad. For it is not just you that deserves a change from that wardrobe you are now tired of, but your cushions do too. Shop across the plethora of online pages, or visit your nearby market and treat your cushions to some fancy apparel, and thus allow yourself to enjoy a change of environment, outlook and ambience in your outdoors.


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