Add that Personal Touch: Give Personalized Gifts to Make It Memorable

Nothing makes a person feel more special than receiving a gift. When you present a gift, you do not simply give something valuable, you gift a portion of your heart and express all the noble thoughts and good wishes you have to the receiver. Customizing your gift and sprinkling it with a bit of that personal touch not only adds to the memorability and remembrance of the gift, but also makes it an object that the receiver will treasure for a long time, if not all his or her life.

Adding that Personal Touch to The Gift

What can be more special to the receiver than knowing the fact that the gift came from you? Here are some ideas adding that personal touch to a gift in the form of a personalized gift

  • Engraving or printing the receiver’s name upon it along with yours
  • Writing a heartfelt message or expressing your wishes
  • Printing a photo of a cherish able moment that you both had shared

Gifts that can be Personalized

The gifts and the varieties of different ways by which they can be personalized are only limited by your imagination. Here are some special gifts which can be personalized and presented –

  • Cards – Intricately designed and made from the finest craft paper, cards are one of the most beautiful expressions of your good wishes and feelings. From being inlaid with a heartfelt personalized message, or being photo-printed with an image of that cherished moment you had shared with the receiver, a personalized is one of the finest and most popular gifts.
  • Photo-frames – Made from the finest material and hand designed by the most talented artisans, a personalized photo-frame rekindles those special moments in time and brings up a sense of nostalgic happiness. With a personally taken photo inlaid in it, and the name of the receiver and you carved at the base, a personalized photo-frame is one of the finest gifts.
  • Accessories – It could be a glittering silver pendant, or a thick black leather strap, but be sure that none can be less than delighted to be adorned by an accessory. You can have the accessories personalized by engraving you and the receiver’s names, or having your portraits inlaid in the pendant.
  • Mugs and cushions – When a person wakes up and fights the urge to get back to bed, the two of the first things that he or she probably encounters is a mug and a cushion. What finer way is there to make the day of this person special right from the morning than by having the personalized gift printed with a photo, or having a message printed upon them.
  • Gift baskets – What can be more of a delight than a beautifully made basket of assorted goodies dedicated to the receiver that have been personally chosen by you? From chocolates and a miniature soft toy, to a scented candle and a box of sweets and dry fruits, a gift basket, personally made by you is always a special surprise.
  • T-shirts – Comfortable, durable, and stylish, a t-shirt is something that all are absolutely delighted to wear. What better way to make the t-shirt gift even more special than by having a special personally taken photo or a personally compiled message printed upon it? Watch as the receiver wears your personalized t-shirt and shows it off with delight, much to the envy of others.

Shopping for Online Gifts

Purchasing a gift online and receiving it at your home before presenting it is all the rage now. You can even customize the gift and sprinkle it with that personal touch to make the gift even more memorable. You are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to purchasing a gift online.


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