Top 5 Modern Long Bob Haircuts spotted on celebrities

The long bob has always been a red-carpet cut, but the latest trends have electrified the style. The best part about long bob hairstyles is that they are easy to manage. You can accentuate the look with asymmetric cuts, curls and even adding hair color.

Long bob with sharp angles

This sharp angled bob is high in both style and drama. It is a sophisticated and terribly sexy version of the short bob. You can ask your stylist part your hair slightly on the side and then cut it at an angle. The cut should be made a tad longer in the back compared to the front. If you have naturally thick hair it can be thinned out using a razor and then made wispy. This look has been spotted on Brooklyn Decker who made it perfect by flat ironing the hair.

Versatile Long Bob

This is a medium length bob that is easy to style and flexible since you can do a ponytail when you are bored with it. It is a great style for beauties with fine hair with a tendency of getting wispy towards the edges when long and layered. You can use a flat iron to achieve bouncy weaves of one or two inches wide or you could do less prominent weaves styles away from your face. Halle Berry has spotted this look on the red carpet, and fans went crazy with it.

Simple, strong and Sophisticated Bob

If you want a relaxed or bohemian look, then a simple but strong bob could be the solution for you. Unlike long bobs that often look flat-ironed straight; you could have a natural classic shaped bob falling just beneath your jawline. This look will flatter your face no matter your skin color although it’s more for people with fair ski ad pink cheeks than people with olive skin tone.

Beach Waves

This is one of the long bob haircuts popular with celebrities. To achieve it, a 1-inch wand is used to create sophisticated but laid-back beach weaves. This look is high maintenance, so you should be willing to commit to going to the salon to keep it looking fresh. It is an ideal look for girls with outgoing personality.

Feminine Long Bob

If you love a feminine, modern and easy feel then this look is for you. This cut and style is mostly recommended for people with fine hair and who want a low maintenance style. The haircut does justice for most face shapes and you can hype the look by adding some balayage hair color. For example, you can create a natural light base color by a foiling technique that uses two different blonde color tones.

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