Male Skin Moisturising 101

No longer the preserve of women, more men are now taking a greater interest in their appearance and making use of cosmetic products that were once unheard of. Long overdue some might say as looking after your skin is one tried and tested way to ensure you keep looking your best for as long as possible.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of skin moisturising products, designed to provide a fresh and vibrant appearance to the skin. If you’re a man who takes pride in his appearance, keep reading and you’ll soon be on your way to the baby face you always wanted.

Why Moisturise?

Chances are that you own a pair of real leather shoes. Wear them in the sun, the rain and the wind without applying a leather conditioner and you’ll soon find them covered in cracks and blemishes. This is exactly what happens to your skin when exposed to the elements.

Applying a moisturiser acts as a protective barrier, protecting your skin from all the it is exposed to throughout the average day. With regular application, you will quickly see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin, especially on the more sensitive areas of your face.

Skin Type is Important

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your skin is an important aspect of buying the right moisturiser. Dry skin responds differently to oily skin and sensitive skin responds differently to more resilient skin.

  • Those with dry skin should make use of a moisturising cleanser before finishing with a rich moisturiser which will hydrate the skin as part of their daily skincare routine.
  • Those with oily skin should avoid using oil based products. Instead, opt for a light serum which will moisturise the skin but help with managing oil production.
  • Those with sensitive skin should avoid the use of any products containing alcohol or any other irritants. Instead, opt for a natural alternative.

Once you’ve identified your skin type, simply locate a suitable moisturiser. Those with dry skin can make use of a hydrating face cream for men. Those with oily skin might like to make use of an exfoliating cream which will help to open up the pores.

Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

As you will know, the sun’s rays contain harmful UV light which can damage the skin and promote premature aging. Whilst vitamin D is good for the skin, the appropriate sun cream should be worn at all times whilst exposed to the sun.

The right sun cream will contain a moisturising agent whilst still working well for oily skin. For milder weather, the sun protection found in most moisturisers should be sufficient.

Other Types of Moisturiser

There are several other types of male moisturisers on the market, each with their own benefits. You will find that some of the more expensive products will contain ingredients that are said to reduce the signs of aging. Some products are also said to provide the skin with a fuller appearance.

Whichever product you decide on, the key to success is being consistent with your skincare regime.

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