Gorgeous Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles That Will Keep You on Top of the Game 2018.

We have seen stylish hairstyles come, trend and vanish. Right now, we have the asymmetrical bob. The question is, will it follow suit? The simple answer is no. The asymmetrical bob as we know it is very versatile style. It means that it can be tailored to fit different types of hair. The bob is the hairstyle that will surely survive in different environments it is put in, and camouflage to unique shape on demand. Just take a look at these ten killer asymmetrical bob styles and try one today:


10 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles That Will Always Trend.

  1. Bey’s Bob: Off-Kilter and On Point

This killer style has been in existence for so long and remains stunning now as it was then. Are you lighter skinned chic? Just wear it, and you will make the heads turn.

  1. Charlize Theron’s Even and Slightly Asymmetrical Bob

This one will work for the woman with straight hair. The elongated and side-swayed bangs complement the look.

  1. Messy Brown Asymmetrical Bob

To those adorned with very thick naturally curly hair, this is for you. The style emphasizes the curls to make you more adorable.

  4.Exciting Asymmetrical Bob with Neutral Colour

Do you want to stand out from the pack? Try this. At a glimpse, there is much to admire. The big cut with lively bangs with one side asymmetrical to the other.

 5.Ever-So-Subtle Asymmetrical Brown Bob

Though it will take a couple of minutes to style up with this hairstyle, its trivial Ombre complexion will give you much playfulness look that you will not only be proud of but also adore.

 6.Silky Cheerful Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

Somehow similar to the traditional bob, but it is shorter on the left side, which suffuses the entire look with component of edgy appeal

  1. Short Dark -Blonde Curly Bob

It may look simple until you try it, and notice how deceptive it is. It is rectilinear, more of symmetrical bob and a lot of bangs. Perfect for women with thin hair and those with thick hair too.

  1. Rebecca Hall’s Messy Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob

We all know Rebecca is a star. But when she wears this asymmetrical bob, we all keep wondering what took her so long to identify this small and sparkling look.

  1. Sexy Brown Asymmetrical Bob with Long Bangs

Here is another glamorous asymmetrical bob that suits everyone. The deepened side and extended bangs enhance the look.

  1. Cheryl Cole’s Spunky Wavy Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

The touch of the hair is extensively emphasized by the long length, while the blond colour brings out the expected brilliance and the light.


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