Celebrity Flair and Style

Celebrity lifestyle is and has always been associated with bling and elegance. Once an individual achieves this status then there is usually inevitably a conversion into a more flashy and outstanding character. This includes the style of dress, the general behavior and the decisions that are made. Very often though, the key element to creating a celebrity image is fashion: and a big part of that element is accessories. Large diamonds function as accessories that help to create and maintain the ideal celebrity image.

Rings made with these big diamonds are indicative of affluence and a life of fame. Celebrity engagement rings are famed for having large diamonds as a part of their design. JayZ and Beyonce’s nuptial ring, for instance, was a large eighteen carat diamond ring. The ring was reputed to value five million dollars. Paris Hilton was on the receiving end of an elaborate gift in 2005. Her then fiancée won her hand with a gift of a 24 carat emerald cut diamond ring. Of course the fact that these precious pieces of jewelry are worn by the celebrities increases their value. This is why you will find them being auctioned off for a huge price at some point.

A part of the celebrity look is hair styles. This goes for both male and female celebrities. For women though, many glimmering hair accessories help to portray their elegant and flamboyant personalities.   From updos to side sweeps and buns, celebrities are adorning their hair with priceless gems such as diamonds, gold trinkets and silver bands. You are most likely to see the elegance and flamboyance at their peak when celebrity level events are hosted. These include award ceremonies and the pre and post parties for these events. You may also glimpse this magnificent display of affluent fashion at movie and music video premiers and concerts.

Of course security becomes a concern for anyone who is planning to wear expensive items to social events. This is why some persons make copies that can be used for public events while the real gem is kept safely tucked away. In the case of Beyonce and Jay Z this is what happened. A five thousand dollar replacement for the engagement ring was made to keep the real thing safe until the wedding day.

Necklaces and bracelets are also used to accentuate a celebrity wardrobe. Many necklaces are designed with elaborate pendants. The jewelry known as the ‘world’s first million dollar diamond’ was a gift from Richard Burton to his wife. Some of these pendants are custom designed by jewelers to suit the taste of the wearer.

Rap artistes are probably the most flamboyant ones among celebrities these days. When it comes to size and glamour their jewelry and clothing are among the best.  The chains around the neck are thick and very radiant. The pendants are simply awe inspiring, sometimes hanging as low as the waist of the wearer.The tattoos on the skin are used to tell stories of life experiences. They also indicate toughness and anger, two necessary ingredients to the creation of a rap persona. Among the rappers known for this type of display are, JayZ, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.

The urge to stand out is a basic human tendency. For today’s celebrities, it has become more of a must than a choice. Fans have come to expect nothing less than the ‘ultimate bling’ when it comes to their favorite entertainment figures. This is why we witness the many attempts by the rich and famous to push the levels of glamour further.


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