5 Tips for Storing and Organizing Your Intimates

Unlike outer clothing, women may have a wider range of intimate undergarments: bras, panties, camisoles, corsets, nighties, pantyhose, and so on.  Such a large range of intimate clothing is difficult to keep organized and accessible, while stored to prevent damage and wrinkles.  Here are some tips that can help.

Begin by Sorting

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to go through your undergarments and remove the ill-fitting, uncomfortable or worn-out items.  If you’re not going to wear it for any of the above reasons, then get rid of it. You can always buy more.  Then sort according to:

  • Type:  bras with bras, panties with panties, camisoles with camisoles, etc.
  • Function: those you use every day, those for special occasions, level of intimacy, etc.
  • Color: because the color may determine what you wear that day, nudes, blacks, brighter colors etc.

Keep everyday items at the front of the closet or drawer. Place special-occasion clothing behind the everyday intimates.

Organize that Drawer

To keep intimates organized in your drawer invest in cardboard dividers and spring-loaded drawer dividers. You’ll want to section off various types of clothes. Dividers will keep items organized and separated. Snag-preventing zip-seal bags are good for nylons and stockings. Keep bra-and-panty sets together; otherwise keep them separated.

Special Care for Special Items

Some of your intimate apparel needs to be treated in specific ways:

  • Bras – Don’t fold your bras in half by inverting one cup into the other. This can cause the cups to ripple. Instead stack them vertically atop each other. Keep them hooked to prevent pulling and snagging.
  • Bottoms –It is recommended to keep them sorted by color and style. This helps when trying to find the right bottom to match a bra or that will work with a particular skirt.
  • Pantyhose – To prevent them from snagging keep each pair in its own plastic bag.
  • Chemises – These should always be on padded hangers. It keeps them from getting wrinkles.

Stretch Fabric Apparel 

Many fine and sexy lingerie has stretch fabric as part of the design. This should never be hung on a clothes hanger. It is best to keep these neatly folded and flat on a shelf or drawer. If you have fine lingerie that doesn’t have this stretch fabric incorporated into them you can hang them up; but they will be the rare exception.


A sexy corset must be handled very carefully. After wearing it, drape it over a chair with the lining side up so it can air for a few hours and allow the fabric fibers to settle. Do not roll or stuff your corset into a drawer. Clip it on a skirt-hanger that has little hinged clips (with rubber ends). Hang it upside-down and inside-out. If you don’t have a hanger place it in a corset bag to keep it folded and out of the light to prevent fading.

Caring for and storing your intimates properly will not only help keep them in good condition, but will make them easier for you to find and use.


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