10 latest earring designs you won’t be able to resist

Earrings are a woman’s best friend and being true to its role; the right earring will help you stand out amongst the crowd.

10 latest earring designs you won’t be able to resist

Here are 10 latest earring designs for you to get your dresser updated for the coming year. Click here to know more about latest earrings.

  • Afghani earrings

These have been a phenomenon in the Indian market for the last one year or so. You will find them everywhere – in every shop and every woman’s ears, and for all the right reasons. Their traditional charm in undeniable and they look elegant with every ethnic outfit.

  • Tassel earrings

The word tassel was heard only with necklaces, but not anymore. Tassel earrings are big and popular now. The hanging tassel can be of wool or silk threads, or for heavier and shinier ones – colourful beads. They come in a variety of shades to go with everything in your wardrobe.

  • Oxidised jhumkas

Oxzdised earrings have long been a crowd favourite because of the elegance they bring without being as expensive as real gold or silver. Oxidised jhumkas have a grace of their own and are undoubtedly the best match for any traditional festive occasion.

  • Kidney hoops

Kidney hoops are the new thing in the light earring market. They are minimalistic and yet have the appeal of a dangling one. You might not be aware of the term, but you have surely seen the design in shops and online stores. The hoop of the earring goes all the down from the piercing and locks with the other end from where the actual earring piece hangs.

  • Dreamcatcher danglers

It is originally a Native American ritual design with a woven net of the web within a circle and holy feathers hanging underneath. You will find it in every material – silk and actual feather as well as metallic impersonations of it. Unique and out of the box, it is surely a design to add to your collection.

  • Ear chains

Ear chains extend from the standard ear piercing in the lobe up to your cartilage accentuating the look of your entire ear. If you have a piercing up there, you can use real earring on both sides. But if you do not, no problem at all – these come with clip-on hoops which you just have press and lock wherever you want along the cartilage.

  • Spiral hoops

Spiral hoops are yet another current favourite of earring fanatics. To understand how to wear it can be difficult at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it – it is as gorgeous as they come. The spire goes into your piercing, and you need to keep pushing till the actual design sits perfectly on your lobe. They are lightweight but at the same time has the quiet sense of elegance about it.

  • Feather earrings

Long, colourful feathers are hanging from a hook – there is nothing more exotic than that. The feathers can be monochrome or colourful and can be singular, dual or in a bunch. It is a style statement nevertheless.

  • Big Hoops

Big hoops are one of those evergreen things that never go out of style. With bigger and bigger hoops every year, you cannot simply resist their everlasting charm. And the best thing is, they go with every outfit – Indian, western or ethnic.

  • Industrial earrings

If you have the piercing – great! If you do not – no worries either. Industrial piercing is the one that goes across your ear cartilage in the top wide portion of the ear. Be it real or false; this one earring is sure to add quite a different spice to your style.

The styles of earrings keep changing over the years, but the charm and the impact they have on women’s fashion does not fade.

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